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We prepare intensively for the birth, but we often ignore the postpartum period, and good preparation can make a big difference. Order high-quality products for your postpartum period from TORTORELLA directly online from Italy. 

A herbal sitz bath can help heal your birth injuries, as it has a decongestant and regenerating effect. You can also use our recovery spray for the vulva and perineum. If you had a caesarean section, our range includes the "scar, scar away" scar patches that will fade your scars. To clean your intimate area after going to the toilet, it is best to use the Peri Bottle, which is much more pleasant than using toilet paper.

When it comes to clothing, it is primarily about comfort and easy access to breastfeeding, which is why our nursing sweatshirts and nursing T-shirts are particularly suitable. The bonding tops, in which you can wrap your baby skin-to-skin, offer a very special experience.

For the first time after the birth you should choose comfortable nursing bras, after a few weeks you can then switch to beautiful models with lace. For the blood flow, you can also use highly absorbent bleeding panties instead of bulky postpartum pads. The best way to prevent leaking milk is to order moodie's reusable nursing pads with great designs.

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